Friday, October 16, 2009

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions

Author: Maria Liberati
ISBN: 978-192891102-9
Publisher: Art of Living, Prima Media, Inc.

Author Maria Liberati does a superb job at bringing great food and ambience to life. In The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions, Maria shares classic Italian recipes with a hint of memories. The book is divided into eight sections. Each segment consists of menus for special occasions including: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and Carnevale. It also contains an interesting story on how and where Carnevale began as well as the legend of Valentine's Day, and another surprise legend celebrated in Italy.

Holidays and special occasions are a special time to get together with family and friends. The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions is a perfect book that demonstrates easy steps on how to create an everlasting memory for you and your guests. It is sure to bring you plenty of compliments and good spirits—not to mention great food!

Ever dream to visit Italy? Dream no more. Maria Liberati takes you on a front row seat. Not only will you learn a little Italian, but you'll feel like a great chef.

The book includes ingredient recommendations, tips on wine, and decorating the atmosphere to set the mood. The first chapter introduces the first course, second course, and Dolci (desserts). Preceding the first chapter are countless recipes and tips from Maria's Kitchen. Maria brings sophistication and delicious meals to the table, and at the same time she shows her readers how to make an endless impression on special occasions. The only drawback is having to decide which recipe to try first!

The Glossary of Italian Words, and suggested meals are a nice touch. Even if you aren't a cooking enthusiast you will enjoy reading Maria's heart warming short stories. Experience the recipes as Maria did and get to know Italy's finest foods at its best. If you don't already love Italy and Italian food, you will after reading The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays & Special Occasions.
As a former international supermodel, Maria Liberati never dreamed that she would go from being a fashion diva to a domestic diva. Maria became closer to the simplicity of life and food in the country setting of her family’s vineyard in the mountains of central Italy. She began writing food articles and restaurant review columns. She was soon asked to conduct cooking programs while in Italy and then in the States. Maria divides her time between her office and residence in the USA and Italy.
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Van Alen Legacy

Author's Name: Melissa de la Cruz
ISBN: 978-142310226-7
Publisher: Disney Hyperion

The Van Alen Legacy, Melissa De La Cruz's fourth book in the Blue Blood series, is filled with a fast-paced plot and lots of secrets and adventure.

The story revolves around Schuyler Van Alen, a sweet girl who has no idea how strong she is or how beautiful. She is on the run from the New York Coven. Lawrence Van Alen is dead and Schuyler, his grand-daughter, is blamed for his murder. She believes that Leviathan, a demon that Lawrence himself burned in stone a millennium ago has been released, and that that same demon killed him. They would rather believe Schuyler had deliberately killed Lawrence than that a demon stalked the earth once more. Now she has to discover The Van Alen Legacy on her own.

Oliver Hazard-Perry, the human boy with the wry sense of humor and flawless wardrobe, aides in helping Schuyler solve the mystery of The Van Alen Legacy. At the same time she tries to seek guidance from the European Coven.

Bliss is robbed of an entire year of life as the Visitor dwells within her. She is forced to remember who she is and all that has happened while dealing with Lucifer's presence.

Told in three different points of views, it makes for an interesting read on how Schuyler, Mimi, and Bliss perceive the story. An engaging and unpredictable read.

Along the way, a stunning twist is added and a unique bonding ceremony is introduced. A revelation of Allegra, Schuyler's mother is revealed. Allegra often comes to Schuyler in her dreams, without saying too much I'll let you read the whole book to find out the twist.

All the pieces of the puzzle fall into place as author Melissa De La Cruz reveals revelations and the true story behind The Van Alen Legacy. Not only will fans be spellbound with The Van Alen Legacy, but it will leave them anxiously waiting for the next installment in the Blue Blood series.
Author Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of many award-winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi-autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.She majored in art history and English at Columbia University.
She has worked as a fashion and beauty editor and has written for many publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney's, TeenVogue, CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E! and Fox News.Melissa divides her time between New York and Los Angeles. She resides in the Hollywood Hills with her husband and daughter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Arthritis Cure

Author's Name: Dr. Bruce Fife, CN, ND
ISBN: 978-0-941599-82-5
Publisher: Piccadilly Books, Ltd.

More than 21% of the adult population suffers from arthritis. The New Arthritis Cure is far more than just a cure for arthritis book. Not only is it an amazing guide on how to eliminate arthritis and fibromyalgia pain permanently, but it is also an informative guide on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

An interesting read for anyone who is interested in promoting a healthy life, even if you don't have arthritis, but for those who are suffering from this crippling disease, you're in luck, there is finally a cure.

The first few chapters cover the many faces of arthritis and the truth behind arthritis and fibromyalgia. Anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers merely mask the symptoms while the disease progress and worsen. In chapter one, you'll learn the underlying cause of arthritis and as you read further into the book you'll discover the actual cure.
Several people suffering from the crippling disease has shared their inspiring experiences and how the techniques in this book have helped them overcome their battles. It was interesting to read how a relatively simple cure allowed them to overcome arthritis and fibromyalgia.
Dr. Bruce Fife thoroughly reveals the underlying cause and how to cure it, a unique book that offers a natural approach to prevention and cure. You will learn a number of lessons of why arthritis has been crippling people since the King Henry VIII era.

In The New Arthritis Cure you will read about a disease that once was claimed to be incurable, until now. The author takes you on a step by step guide on why 46 million Americans are suffering, what steps to take to stop the disease, and ways to regain your health.

An extraordinary phenomenon that will unleash a new beginning for those who suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia. Learn how to be in better health with the anti-arthritis diet and a seven-day whole food challenge. The handy little easy to read guide is full of useful information and most of all it offers hope to a disease that once was known to be incurable.

I'd recommend The New Arthritis Cure to anyone who is interested in a healthier lifestyle and definitely to those who are suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Author Bruce Fife is a doctor, CN, ND, and a certified nutritionist. He is also a naturopathic physician whom authored over twenty books. He is a much sought after speaker and lectures throughout the world.

"A diagnosis of arthritis is not a life sentence."
—Dr. Bruce Fife
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mommy Draw Stars On My Tummy

Author: Martine Groeneveld
ISBN: 978-0-9822959-0-8
Publisher: PT Book Publishing

Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy is a clever way to nurture your touch with young ones. Author Martine Groeneveld has done a superb job at educating readers to why the sense of "touch" is more important than people realize. Nurturing your child with your touch can comfort and calm your child in more ways than one. It is known to stimulate your child's brain development and reduces aggression.

In an earlier study it was discovered that a simple act of touch therapy improved alertness and responsiveness in infants. How extraordinary is that? Martine has created a fun and creative way to incorporate touch therapy in an everyday life setting, merely by spending quality time with your child.

Learn how to connect with your child and stimulate development in a nurturing environment. With its fun rhymes, games, songs and stories, Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy is sure to win every child's heart. The colorful pictures paint each story with vibrant imagination.

The "Research On The Benefits of Touch" section is an interesting read as well. Scientific research on the benefits of touch is included and reasons why the positive effects of touch therapy can give children a healthier physical and mental well-being. The easy to follow guide consists of ways to enhance early literacy skills and development. Strengthen your bond with your child as you learn a fun way to spend time together.

Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't. Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy is a fun way to incorporate favorite activities and quality time with your loved ones. Who said reading and nurturing your child with the healing power of touch had to be hard?

It's never too early to work on enhancing a healthy well- being.

With Martine's encouragement you will be amazed at what the simple act of "touch" can bring.
Martine Groeneveld is a mother of two young girls as well as a registered nurse, licensed massage therapists, and certified infant massage instructor. She holds a bachelor's degree in nursing and psychology and a National Board Certification in massage therapy in The Netherlands. Martine has over 12 years of experience in traditional and alternative health care, with five years teaching baby and child massage. Her work has been published in national nursing and massage media. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters, where she runs her company My Mini Massage.
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Cancer Mommy

Author: Taylor Rice
ISBN: 978-0-578-01205-6
Publisher: DeAnna Rice Media Group

My Cancer Mommy is a lovely story written by a brave daughter who learns how to survive her mother's scary journey of cancer. Written by author, Taylor Rice, at the tender age of seven, she walks you through the diagnosis and recovery of her "cancer mommy."

After having to watch her mother through two bouts of cancer, this courageous little girl longed to share her story with other children so they could comprehend some of the frightening things that happen when someone you love has cancer.

My Cancer Mommy is a heartfelt story that any age can learn from. As a daughter whose mother has been chosen to endure this difficult path of cancer, I believe this tender tale can touch the lives of children and adolescence.

Helping children cope with serious illness. What a beautiful dream Taylor has, what a beautiful way to touch the lives of others. Written by an extraordinary child for children in need.
A great resource for children who have to deal with cancer or know of someone who does. The "Key Words" index and "My Special Memory Pages" make this book personal and unique. The book's beautiful colorful illustrations bring the story to life.

Taylor Rice takes you by the hand and walks you through her own experience as if it was yours. The young author was only seven months old when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. At age seven her mother was diagnosed with the BRCA cancer gene and was diagnosed with her third cancer.

Taylor is currently in 3rd Grade and lives in Lake Forest with her three dogs, Ruby, Bella, and Papa, and her parents, DeAnna and Tim Rice. She carries a very special bond with her seven older brothers and sisters. Her interests include: Webkinz, Hip-Hop Dancing and Brownies.
Olga Matushkina, the illustrator, lives in Barnaul Russia. She dreams of making a difference for children and their families with her unique and colorful illustrations.
Reviewed By Martha Ramirez

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is an action-packed intriguing novel intertwined with mystery, suspense, and romance, all in one. Author Cindy Bauer has a unique voice and does a fantastic job at bringing her characters to life. The mysterious plot and the unexpected danger will be sure to keep you turning the pages.

Someone has chosen Annie Thompson as a target. But who? And why?

Come on an emotional journey filled with curiosity and faith. Meet Annie, her mother Laura, and her step-father Greg. And we certainly can't forget Jordan, Annie's ex-boyfriend who may be a prime suspect.

With a satisfying ending and a delightful message of faith woven into the story, Crystal Clear is sure to be a hit.

Cindy Bauer is on fire, and I doubt the inferno will be put out soon.

A fine debut author.
5 Stars. A recommended read!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Secret to Teen Power

Author: Paul Harrington
ISBN: 978-1-416-99498-5
Publisher: Simon Pulse

The Secret to Teen Power is a remarkable guide to success, dreams, and happiness. It is an easy read, but yet extremely informative. Even though this book is targeted for teens, adults can also grow and gain knowledge of what the law of attraction is and how it can transform their lives.

No matter what your background is, The Secret can enhance, if not change your life for the better. With faith, perseverance, and the knowledge of The Secret, anything is possible, regardless of your age or ethnicity. There are no boundaries to what you can become, that is if you truly believe in your dreams and desires.

Rhonda Byrne's original publication, the original Secret, inspired this guide for teens to be born. It promises to follow the path of The Secret and motivates teens to bring happiness and harmony to every aspect of their lives. Paul Harrington, producer of The Secret film and author of The Secret to Teen Power, dreams to help teens understand The Secret so that their able to do or be anything their heart longs for.

For today's teens, a perfect guide how to make things happen according to ones will and how to invite positive energy when dealing with issues like schoolwork, relationships, acquaintances, and self-worth.

The book includes personal testimonies of actual teens which demonstrate how learning the power of The Secret can improve and bring dreams to life. In each of its ten chapters you'll learn how The Secret was revealed and how it is made simple. You'll also learn ways how to apply The Secret to your life and the power it possesses.

Whether its money, relationships, or good health, this guide breaks it down in simple ways to achieve your desires. Discover The Secret to the world and The Secret to you. But most importantly learn The Secret to life. Sound too good to be true? Unleash the truth and learn what others have been practicing for centuries. Make your dreams a reality, after all if you don't take control of what you want in life no one else will.

Recently, The Secret was named by USA Today as one of the top 20 bestselling books over the past 15 years. Through author Rhonda Byrne's vision, she brought joy to millions. It transformed billions around the world. If that doesn't say anything I don't know what does.
Ask, believe, and receive in limitless ways. Truly, another gem waiting to be discovered.
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Monday, August 17, 2009

Davey Bighead: Dream Big

Author's Name: Peter J.Hayden
ISBN number: 978-1-4392-2972-9
Publisher: Book Surge Publishing

Davey Bighead is a unique story about a kid with a special characteristic. At first it seems like a curse to have an enormous head, and it often is as he gets stuck in doorways. He has a hard time fitting his head through the opening of a simple tee shirt and fitting in is a difficult task.
Easy everyday functions are everything but easy for Davey, getting on the bus and climbing on the jungle gym are tricky, to say the least.

But one day, Davey discovers how using his head literally, can bring him new friends. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Davey Bighead: Dream Big is a perfect example how children can be loved and accepted for who they are even if they're different, a friendly reminder for all ages that no matter how different we all are, each one of us have a special and unique talent.

As first in a series, kids will be eager to know what Davey Bighead will dream up next. With colorful illustrations and an inspiring tale, it is sure to attract many young readers.

Author Peter J. Hayden graduated with honors in graphic design and marketing from Concord College in Athens, West Virginia. He was born and raised in Harrisburg, and is one of five
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Friday, August 14, 2009


Author: Lisa Woomer

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3020-8

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you ate too many cookies? Not only is Cookie a great story for children to share, but it's an excellent reminder for children of all ages, to choose their foods carefully.

Catherine is a young girl who earned her nickname "Cookie" not by accident, but because that is all she eats. Her parents try to persuade her to choose healthier foods, but nothing gets Cookie to stop eating cookies.

Cookies in the morning, cookies for lunch, cookies at dinnertime, it isn't until she eats too many cookies she realizes something isn't right.

One day she notices something a little strange. The people around her notice it too. But is it enough to get her to stop eating so many cookies? Come and join Cookie on a delicious adventure and discover what eating too many cookies can do.

Lisa Woomer, a former schoolteacher, was inspired to write Cookie after her first child turned out to be a picky eater. She studied fitness and nutrition for many years, and hopes this story will motivate children to choose a healthier diet. She resides in Southern California with her two children, husband, and two dogs. Lisa enjoys preparing healthy food, but she also welcomes an occasional cookie.

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Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Secrets of a Christmas Box

Title: Secrets of a Christmas Box

Author's Name: Steven Hornby

ISBN number: 978-0-9815883-0-8

Publisher: Ecky Thump Books

Secrets of a Christmas Box is a fascinating and delightful story for all ages. Adults and children will enjoy learning about the festive world Larry, a Christmas snowman, and all the "Tree Dwellers" live in.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Christmas tree in a magical world with all your loved ones? What would it be like to be stored away in a Christmas box until the following year? Wonder no more. Steven Hornby takes you on a front row seat to the Tree Dwellers' merry world and on many exciting adventures. Enter a world that captures those enchanting feelings that your stomach flutters with as a child.

A spirited story that not only proves that love never falters, but that friendship and courage provides an everlasting gift.

After Larry wakes from his long deep sleep in the Christmas box, he discovers his brother Terence is missing. Larry, his girlfriend Debbie, a novice named Splint, and Larry's companion Tinsel, go on a quest to find him before Christmas arrives. What they discover takes on a whole new meaning of their magical world. Trust plays a significant role, and time is definitely not on their side.

Experience the Tree Dwellers' fears and joy as they make their way through the forbidden world of humans. What may seem usual to you may appear a whole lot larger and frightening to the ones unfamiliar to our world. Discover the secret that threatens the Tree Dwellers' world, a secret that will change their lives forever. You'll never see a Christmas tree the same way again, guaranteed to put a smile on your face every year as you prepare for the holiday season. A very creative and imaginative tale with memorable characters. Exquisite sketches brings the story to life.
Author Steven Hornby has been storytelling over fifteen years in visual effects and animated movies. He is a multi-award winning animator for several well-known titles including: I Robot, Disney's Meet the Robinson's, Kung Fu Panda, and Glago's Guest. He is better known for bringing to life J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional character, Gollum, on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Steven wanted to create a world that captured those magical feelings he had as a child. Originally, Secrets of a Christmas Box was planned to be a screenplay after several years of having the story running around in his head. He resides in Burbank where he is currently at work on the sequel to his debut novel, Secrets of a Christmas Box.

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Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Secret of St. Nicholas

Author's Name: Ellen Nibali
ISBN number: 978-0-9818154-0-4
Publisher: Fairland Books

The secret of St. Nicholas is a true heroic tale for Christmas. A classic story that not only gives you a better understanding of Santa Claus and St. Nicholas, but it also demonstrates what it has to do with Jesus and how the whole Christmas tradition evolved.
The story is captivating and the detailed artwork is remarkable! A must read for all ages.

The tale starts out with a young boy named Nicholas who's fascinated by Christmas. His parents share a story of how the night of wonder began.
As brave little Nicholas explores his own way into the world, he is reminded of Jesus' words, "Do good deeds in secret." What he decides to do will fill your heart with compassion and love.
A truly beautiful story— a perfect book to share with the ones you love.
Can Nicholas save three girls who are about to be sold into slavery?

A classic for future generations.

Author, Ellen Nibali works as a horticultural consultant for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. She loves her job educating and writing about gardening and protecting our environment, especially from non-native invasive plants. Each week her Gardening Q & A column appears in the Sun.

She and her husband Ken have three grandchildren and Maxi, a golden retriever-yellow Labrador retriever who, coincidentally, looks just like the dog in The Secret of St. Nicholas!

Illustrator, Lon Eric Craven lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife and three children. He has illustrated and designed for newspapers, children's books, English language curriculum, story books, quilt books, calendars and a Scholastic magazine. He has a BFA in illustration from the University of Kansas and a Master’s degree in education from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He currently divides his time between illustrating, designing and teaching.
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Author: Chloe Niell
ISBN: 978-0-451-22625-9
Publisher: New American Library (NAL)

When author Chloe Neill is not bringing Merit's adventures to life, she can be found watching too much television, rooting for her favorite college football team. She lives in the Midwest, just close enough to keep an eye on the vampires at Cadogan House. Her debut novel, Some Girls Bite has received an outstanding amount of praise. If you're longing for a great plot with paranormal characters you'll have to check out this promising new series.

Merit, a twenty-seven-year old graduate student from Chicago's richest family, is attacked while walking across the University of Chicago campus. The predator…a rogue vampire.
Ethan Sullivan, a four-hundred-year old vampire, the master of Cadogan House, saves her from destruction, but against her will she becomes something she doesn't want to be. A vampire.

She wakes up three days later after the attack in the back of a limousine, shocked and thrilled to be alive. After discovering her new immortal life, equipped with unexpected powers, she instantly has a difficult time accepting Ethan as her master, but at the same time she is drawn to him in some profound way. She later becomes a special interest to another vampire, but does Merit share the same sentiments?

She now is a vampire, a Cadogan Initiate and her green-eyed rescuer is expecting loyalty and honor. Merit's one tough vamp and puts up a good fight. Not your typical vampire heroine. Packed with fighting scenes, special swords, and unanswered questions, Chloe's debut novel takes you on an exciting adventure through Merit's own two eyes.
Her roommate, Mallory Carmichael, comes along for the ride and adds some spice to the story.

Who's to blame for the vampire attacks? Who's out to get Merit? Wouldn't you like to know. You'll have to read till the very end to find out.

Discover how Merit adapts to her new undead life. Learn what it is like to be turned into a vampire against your will.

Debut author Chloe Neill gives readers a fresh new voice with a touch of sensuality and humor. A perfect combination of a fast-paced mysterious urban fantasy filled with twists and entertainment. An appealing read fit for both genders and for all ages. Fans will savor each page until the next installment becomes available. If you like Charlene Harris, you'll LOVE Chloe's new release Some Girls Bite . This is just the beginning for the Chicagoland Vampires series.
Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Your Money Or Your Life

Authors: Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez with Monique Tilford
ISBN: number: 978-0-14-311576-2
Publisher: Penguin Books

Your Money or Your Life is a helpful book that shows you how to live an authentic productive meaningful life. Most of us are sacrificing our lives for money. We spend more than we make, on more than we need. Does "enough" feel like the horizon, always receding? This unique New York Times bestseller includes tips on 10 sure ways to save money and how to reduce expenses and the amount of time on the job. It also helps you understand your life purpose and personal money management.

It was written by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez with Monique Tilford first in 1992. This new completely revised edition features updated resources, examples of everyday life settings, and an easy to use index. Vicki has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and National Public Radio's Weekend Edition and Morning Edition. She has helped launch many sustainability initiatives.

Monique Tilford has worked ten years with the Center for a New American Dream, a national non-profit that helps Americans change the way they consume, serving most recently as the organization's deputy director. She has worked nearly 20 years on environmental issues and sustainable consumption.

Joe Dominguez (1938-1997) retired at age 31 and was a successful financial analyst. He and Vicki co-founded the New Road Map Foundation.

Does it feel like you're making a dying rather than making a living? Your Money or Your Life includes a nine step plan to transform your relationship with money. By achieving financial independence you will learn how to make a more meaningful living. Learn how to manage your life while enriching your existence.

By doing steps 1-7 you will know how much you have, how much you spend, and how much of your life energy you're investing in. What is life energy? Vicki Robin goes over the importance of life energy and shows you how to retire your debts, increase your savings and live happily. You will also learn how to increase your financial integrity.

A helpful and enlightening read during this time of economic crisis, a convenient checklist guides readers to the right path.

Make your debt disappear and increase your savings is one of the few tips shown in this book.
The epilogue includes a helpful run down of the book. A cheat sheet to a more stable and financial independent life, a way of life in which you get maximum fulfillment. An invaluable message everyone can learn from.
Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez


Author's Name: Kurt Lee Hurley
ISBN number: 978-0-578-00348-1
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

America's #1 fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Kurt Lee Hurley has come up with a remarkable guide to success in all aspects of life. Based on more than three decades of research and practice, he explains how to retain limitless love, happiness, and wealth. He is the founder of Synergy Fitness Systems LLC and Neo Physis line of supplements. Hurley resides in Provo, Utah, with his wife and son.

Boundless is literally a bible to a boundless life! The comprehensive guide is divided into two parts. In Part One -Building Your Boundless Mind, he teaches fitness training for the mind. You exercise your body why not your brain as well? It includes techniques that will help you change your mind set and alter your subconscious programming. If you change your mind, you will change your destiny. We have the ability to build a wealthy, healthy, happy and prosperous life, and Kurt shows us how.

Readers will learn about the mind and how to possess power in their thoughts. Think well, be well. By changing your thoughts you can literally change your life. Kurt teaches us how to reduce stress and banish the mental blocks that hold us back from a prosperous life. He provides necessary details on how to manifest your destiny. Universal Laws are introduced along with the blueprint for boundless happiness. Wealth is within each and every one of us, if we truly believe. Twelve elements cover the first part of the book.

Part Two-Building Your Boundless Body, is full of tips on how to gain the power to look and feel your best. He reveals tools, tricks, and endless possibilities to enhance the mind, body, and spirit, along with a customized exercise and nutrition plan. Why is sleep important? How do you caress your stress? These are few of the many topics covered. It is as if your own personal trainer is speaking to you and motivating you to attain, train, and maintain your body. You'll learn invaluable information from which foods will add years to your life, to how to lose your fears. The second half of the book is also divided in twelve elements.

Kurt's hundreds of hours of research show. Many quotes from the wise are incorporated, making it an even more interesting read. Boundless is a motivating and captivating guide that will enlighten you and enhance your life from the inside out. It is a one-of- kind "How to" gift that can change your life. This book will inspire you and excite you, if you let it. Discover a new you, discover a boundless life.
Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez

Little Lamb Lost

Author: Margaret Fenton

ISBN: 978-1-933515-51-9

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing

Author, Margaret Fenton was born in Florence, Alabama, and grew up on the Gulf Coast in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Cozy Mystery writer, Anne George, encouraged Margaret to write a mystery since she loved reading them so much.

She received her B.A. in English from Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans, and her Master of Social Work from Tulane. She is a breast cancer survivor and is the current President of Birmingham Chapter of Sisters Crime.

Margaret is married to her high school sweetheart and resides in Birmingham, Alabama.
Social worker Claire Conover is about to live through one of her deepest fears. What would she do if one of her clients was found dead? What can she do? She truly believed she could make a difference in the world until she received the call that changed her life forever. Detective Ed Brighton confronts Claire. "I'm sorry. Michael's dead." Images of the curly blond, blue-eyed two-year-old, Michael Hennessy rushed her mind.

She was now on a hunt to find Michael's murderer. On a quest to find answers.
Fingers start to point to Michael's mother, Ashley. But Claire isn't convinced. Ashley had sobered up and earned back custody of Michael. She worked two jobs just to make ends meet.
Mac McAlister, Claire's supervisor, has a get-over-it kind of attitude. She feels Michael is just another number to him, but for her, Michael was more than a statistic. He was a victim, someone who deserved justice. Claire becomes Michael's voice.

Did Ashley murder Michael? It just didn't seem to fit the picture. Claire becomes her own detective and questions every possibility.

Were Alexander and Karen Madison capable of murdering their own grandson? Did being owners of a huge corporation have anything to do with it?

Could it have been Zander Madison, little Michael's father? How far would he go for drugs? Would he kill his own son if his parents told him to?

Why is Al Mackey curious if Michael and Ashley have life insurance? Would he commit murder for money? Does Al's prior physical abuse have anything to do with the care of Michael's murder?

Who exactly is Jimmy Shelton, Ashley's mysterious boyfriend?
Could Flash, Ashley's ex-boyfriend have a motive for killing poor little Michael?

The possibilities are endless and Claire is about to find out the truth.

New Mystery writer Margaret Fenton keeps the questions coming, making Little Lamb Lost a riveting read. She does a fascinating job at creating a "whodunit" mystery from the get go. A truly mesmerizing tale filled with a whole lot of drama and suspense. It will leave you wanting more up until the very last page.

This is only the beginning for debut author Margaret Fenton.

Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez
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A Book Is Born

Author's Name: Nancy C. Clearly

ISBN number: 978-1932279504

Publisher: Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing

Nancy Clearly has spent more than 20 years as a product packager and a graphic designer. Her indie press Wyatt-MacKenzie has printed over a quarter of a million books in the last eleven years. She traditionally publishes authors with a special focus on mom writers. It is her goal to guide authors through the publishing process. Nancy was a Stevie ® Award Finalist in Women Helping Women. She also has been quoted in many well-known magazines such as USA Today, Family Circle, and The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few.

A Book is Born is a wonderful book that is both inspirational and educational. Nancy’s strong passion to help authors, clearly shows as you learn all she has to share. Ever wonder what it feels like to be a published author? Twenty-four moms tell all, and nothing holds them back from sharing. They thoroughly describe their journeys through the publishing process and share tips on success. They also share what it’s like to raise books and babies.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part of the book, 24 Authors Tell All, peeks inside the mind of mom authors. It covers pitching manuscripts, pre-publication, technical terms, industry lingo, author branding, and much more. They discuss how publishing a book is like having a baby. Learn how these ladies’ book ideas come to life.

The second part of the book, The Secret and Science to Getting Published, includes secrets to getting your book published, examples of the publishing process, how to write well, the four publishing options, and guidance to the Universal Laws. A Principle Chart helps aide authors to success. Writing, presence, pitching, and publishing all play a part in getting published. Nancy shows you how to direct energy in the right direction using these four principles. She provides the knowledge and tools to help guide you through a journey of becoming a published author.

An excellent source for authors. Whether you’re an aspiring author or an author with several titles under your name, there is a little bit for everyone. Even avid readers, who are not authors, would find this book intriguing. Not only does it include helpful insight and encouragement, but it covers many important topics such as how to seek reviews, book tours, endorsements, pitching to the media, and overall practical advice straight from the heart.

A motivating, encouraging, and informative book all in one.

Nancy Cleary takes you on an unforgettable journey along with twenty-four beautiful and passionate women who share their experiences on what it is like to have a book be born.

A must-read treasure waiting to be read!

Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez

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The Love Response

Author's Name: Eva M.Selhub, M.D.

ISBN number: 978-0-345-50652-8

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Dr. Eva M. Selhub is an avid advocate of Mind/Body Medicine. She is the founder of Alight Medicine for Learning and Healing in Newton Massachusetts and is also a clinical instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. She has been featured in national publications and in medical journals.
Love heals. Dr. Eva Selhub’s book, The Love Response, proves it to be true. Learn how to reserve everyday fears into love.

Discover how to calm and soothe the spirit, a helpful self-help guide to a healthy mind with a wonderful bedside manner and useful tips. Dr. Selhub teaches you to move smoothly with life’s changes rather than resisting them. She shares her wisdom, her life experiences, and how she learned the antidote to stress and fear is love.

Controlling your emotions is the recipe to diminish all fears, worries, and stress. She helps guide readers to the most precious gift of all, how to control fears. She walks us through the secret of health and well-being. An excessive amount of fear becomes a problem if it occurs for too long. The Love Response includes various exercises and testimonies to help further explain how to banish fear and stress from your life. The simple act of replacing feelings with graciousness and love will enhance both your physical and mental health. Practicing important techniques such as the SHIELD and the Love Pyramid will aide you in the healing process.

Dr. Eva does a superb job at guiding you in the right direction. She fully explains the science behind being fearful and covers what symptoms to look out for such as: insomnia, tense muscles, and shallow breathing. She also gives you the tools to overcome the poison that causes these symptoms. A few questionnaires help assess how fear is controlling your life and an explanation to why the Fear Response acts as a warning system.

Let’s face it; life can get a little stressful. If you’re feeling helpless, overwhelmed, or simply overtaken by anxiety or stress, this book was written for you. Let Dr. Eva Selhub teach you your own ability to heal and how to activate the Love Response rather than letting the Fear Response overtake your life. Invite peace to your mind. Restore your inner-self. Allow the Love Response to be part of your life. Your body and mind will thank you.
A worthwhile great read!

Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez

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Evil Without A Face

Author's Name: Jordan Dane
ISBN number: 978-0-06-147412-5
Publisher: Avon Books

Queen of suspense Jordan Dane has done it again with another high-stake suspense novel. Formerly an energy sales manager in the oil and gas industry, she is now following her passion to write full time. Lucky for readers who crave a well-developed plot and suspense, Evil Without a Face takes you on an intense suspense ride. An exceptional new author with talent that will captivate all readers.

Jessica Beckett is a strong-willed Chicago bounty hunter who lives on the edge and does just about anything to capture fugitives. Not only does she carry a Colt Python near her at all times, she also carries a painful secret from her past that drives her to this addiction, her personal mission, to give criminals what they deserve.

After hunting down Lucas Baker, a low life sex-peddler, she discovers he’s involved in more than she expected. Jessica uncovers an online international organization operated in secrecy. A global conspiracy named Globe Harvest.

Seth Harper, a mysterious computer whiz, helps aide Jessica through this hunt of conspiracy linked to missing teens. Though his fancy home and intellectual behavior poses curiosity for Jessica, she decides to keep him as a contact.

Former quarterback Payton Archer makes a promise to his sister. He promises to find his seventeen-year-old niece, Nikki Archer, who has been abducted by an online predator. Suspicion leads to Globe Harvest, the circle of organization that thrives on committing heinous atrocities.

The chase starts off in Chicago and leads to Alaska. Jessica won’t take no for an answer and is determined to go after Globe Harvest, even if it means risking her life. The CPD detectives make Jess a prime suspect. She counts on her best friend Detective Sam Cooper to help cover her tracks. Now not only is she on a hunt for a missing teenage girl, but she fears Globe Harvest is responsible for the abduction of Nikki Archer and many other missing girls.

Alexa Marlowe works for an organization, a private international organization that specializes in criminal cases with tough jurisdictional boundaries. But can Jess trust her? Would she regret giving the mysterious blonde the only evidence linking to Globe Harvest?

A suspense cliff-hanger with a well-developed plot, realistic exhilarating characters, and a touch of romance without the mush, what more can you ask for?

An excellent read!
Reviewed by, Martha Ramirez