Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is an action-packed intriguing novel intertwined with mystery, suspense, and romance, all in one. Author Cindy Bauer has a unique voice and does a fantastic job at bringing her characters to life. The mysterious plot and the unexpected danger will be sure to keep you turning the pages.

Someone has chosen Annie Thompson as a target. But who? And why?

Come on an emotional journey filled with curiosity and faith. Meet Annie, her mother Laura, and her step-father Greg. And we certainly can't forget Jordan, Annie's ex-boyfriend who may be a prime suspect.

With a satisfying ending and a delightful message of faith woven into the story, Crystal Clear is sure to be a hit.

Cindy Bauer is on fire, and I doubt the inferno will be put out soon.

A fine debut author.
5 Stars. A recommended read!

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