Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review for Jen and the Frosted Friends

Title: Jen and the Frosted Friends
Author's Name: Kerry sparks
ISBN number: 978-1-4520-5349-3
Publisher: AuthorHouse

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Jen and the Frosted Friends is a fun and fabulous read. The second book in the Get Frosted series is written in the perspective of fifth grader, Jennifer Logan. A must read for girls entering their adolescent years! Pre-teens are going to love Jen and all of her "frosted" friends. Glitter and cute boys? What more can you ask for?
Readers of all ages can relate to Jenn's hopes and fears but most of all they will enjoy the tween humor and Jennifer's adventure in dealing with her every day pre-teen life. Everyone could use a friend like Jen.
Not only is Jen and the Frosted Friends an entertaining read but author Kerry Sparks weaves in a great lesson learned without disturbing the storyline—a message worth learning.

Reviewed by Martha Ramirez

Fifth grade is the best for Jennifer, Rebecca, Pamela and Sammie. Their teacher, Mrs. Fern, is as sweet as pie, the boys are extra cute this year, and, between the girls, the glitter supply is strong. The girls use so much glitter, the principal calls them "The Frosted Friends" All is well until mean old substitute, Mrs. Frost, comes along. Jen and Becca already had to have Mrs. Frost for fourth grade, and Mrs. Frost is supposed to be retired! Mrs. Frost is back, and she's as mean as ever. She's making the girls write sentences and confiscating glitter! Everyone seems to think Mrs. Frost is the pits, except for Jen's classmate "Frowning Francesca" Clearwater. She's the only one smiling for once. Will Mrs. Frost pass the girls on to the sixth grade, or are they destined to stay in the fifth grade forever!

About the Author
Kerry Sparks is the creator of the Get Frosted tween series. Make sure to get Book #1, "Frost Bites" for your pre-teen girl. Kerry Sparks is a former teacher, professional nanny and writer for tweens. She currently resides in Houston, TX. Become a fan on Facebook. Search KerrySparksfans!

Click here to purchase Jen and the Frosted Friends (Book #2 Of The Get Frosted Series)