Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Night Star by Alyson Noel

Author: Alyson Noël

ISBN: 0-312-59098-9
Publisher: St.Martin's Griffin
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The highly anticipated Night Star is the fifth book in the installment of the Immortal series. With one last book left in the series (due out in summer of 2011) it is no wonder how Alyson Noël's Immortal series has 2 million copies in print. It is addictive, riveting, and an experience you'll never forget.

In this epic love story Ever and Damen confront angry rivals and envious friends. Their biggest goal—to be together forever. After struggling for centuries to be together, Ever and Damen combat one final face-off. But will they ever find the antidote that will allow them to be together? And as if that wasn't a challenge on its own, Haven causes turmoil and lots of drama, and more than determined to take Ever down. And Sabine, her aunt who has custody of her, is not exactly being the easiest to live with at the moment.

A love triangle between Jude, Ever, and Damen continue until the very end. When Ever discovers a terrible secret about the past regarding Damen, she faces her greatest fears as she strives to find answers from Jude.

Author Alyson Noel finds a way to captivate her readers and wins her fans over by creating a hypnotizing voice. Your voice wins me over every time, Alyson. Keep up the great work!

"Alyson Noël is one of the hottest paranormal teen authors writing today.

Night Star is guaranteed to mesmerize fans and leave them breathlessly awaiting the sixth and final book. Don't miss this explosive new installment of the number one bestselling series that's enchanted millions across the world!"

"Best friends make the worst enemies—they know all your secrets, your weaknesses, and just how to hurt you most... The Immortal series will leave readers gasping for breath."

Alyson Noel is the #1 New York Times, and USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling, award-winning, author of FAKING 19, ART GEEKS AND PROM QUEENS, LAGUNA COVE, FLY ME TO THE MOON, KISS & BLOG, SAVING ZOE, CRUEL SUMMER, FIRST KISS (THEN TELL)- an anthology, and the IMMORTALS series including: EVERMORE, BLUE MOON (July 09), SHADOWLAND (Jan 2010), and more to come in 2010/11/12. Her books have won the National Reader's Choice Award, NYLA Book of Winter Award, NYPL Books for the Teenage, TeenReads Best Books of 2007, Reviewer's Choice 2007 Top Ten, nominated for YALSA's Teen's Top Ten Award, chosen for the CBS Early Show's "Give the Gift of Reading" segment, and selected for Seventeen Magazine's "Hot List" and Beach Book Club Pick. She was born and raised in The OC and has lived in both Mykonos and Manhattan, but now finds herself settled right back in California where she lives and writes full time.

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